Dr Drew – Ageing in the New Age

Dr Drew – Ageing in the New Age

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Dr Drew is known internationally as one of the most inspiring, knowledgeable and engaging gerontologists in the Aged Care Industry, who is passionate about helping older people, especially the Baby Boomer generation.

His new book “Ageing in the “New Age” breaks many of the stigmas and myths around ageing and encourages boomers to wind back the clock and own the later years of their lives.

Come and join Dr Drew for this two hour adults-only fun and informative presentation focussing on the facts about ageing in the “new age”. In this event Dr Drew will cover everything that Baby Boomers experience and what you need to know about reinventing your retirement to create a healthy, active and positive life.

The event will leave you laughing and feeling excited about the third stage of your life. Topics covered include:

• Knowing your generation;
• The facts about ageing;
• Healthy, active and positive ageing;
• The heart has no wrinkles;
• If you don’t have a plan for dementia, it will have a plan for you;
• Ageing and sprituality;
• Every penny counts; and
• Sex over 50, doing it better!

When: February 1, 2018

Where: Function Room

Time: 6.30pm

Admission: $33

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