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Big Things are an acoustic duo, based on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. The 2 members, Alexis, (6 & 12 string guitars, vocals), and Ricky the Rockstar (6 & 12 string guitars, bass, vocals, stomp box), are both well known and sought after soloists in their own right, and despite working on several different side projects together, since they first met in 1996, it wasn’t until 2008 that they formalized this union into an act that is truly remarkable.
As a purist acoustic duo, the Big Things show is driven by our state of the art “MacDaddy” stomp box, which lends warmth and heartbeat to our rootsy sound also giving both drive and sweetness. What you get BIG THINGS is a true duo, we alternate the lead vocalist for each song, and with 2 very different voices and the way that the 2 guitars weave in and out of each other makes for a truly enjoyable listening experience.
With two vastly experienced soloists, you would imagine that our repertoire would almost be endless, well, that’s true to a point, but what we prefer to do is only deliver a song to our audience that has received the full treatment, with all of the harmonies, melodies and intricacies worked out to be the best we can deliver.
Our shows range from slow and sensual, with beautiful harmonies and searing guitar lines to upbeat and dancy. however the audience wants it, we’ll cater to it.

When: November 30, 2018

Where: Main Stage Live and Free

Time: 11am

Admission: $FREE

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