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DANCE ON BAND – Biography

Dance On after 16 years are still there in 2016 and still going strong
the ever popular vintage rock n roll band, is as busy as ever and
have already many bookings in Brisbane and the Gold Coast in 2017.

Dance On are now a 4 piece band and still consists of popular and
professional musicians who were part of the sixties music and now
all residents of the Gold Coast.

Playing music that appeals to all ages, club management say their
patrons are happy whether they are dancing or just enjoying sitting
and tapping their toes to the music of Dance On.

Lead singer Colin Cooper is recognized as being the man in the
black hat, Colin started his career as a teenager on the legendary
“Bandstand” in Sydney with Brian Henderson along with known
artists as the Bee Gees, Pee Wee from “Delltones” Little Patty and
of course Lucky Starr and to many others to mention.

Peter Johnson plays lead guitar his renditions of the “Shadows”
instrumentals are music to the ears, he is a seasoned performer
his versatility is the key with Peter modern times to way back when.
Cruise ships is his speciality during the past decade.

Brent Lillie also a seasoned professional, he has won numerous
awards for his song writing, he is multi talented with various
instruments playing keyboards, rhythm guitar and bass.

Steve “The Captain” has been performing professionally since the
age of seventeen he brings a whole new meaning to a “drum roll”.
He has now joined Dance On permanently and we welcome him
aboard the band.

When: October 24, 2018

Where: Live and Free Main Stage

Time: 6.30pm

Admission: $FREE

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