Psycho Circus Boxing

Psycho Circus Boxing


Psycho Circus Boxing
Saturday 10th June
Standing tickets – $50
18+ event

10th June card is almost full already…..get in quick of miss out.
1. Main Event – WBF Masters Australian Title bout 75 KGs
Mark Kleynjan (Sydney) verse Theron Rennison (Melbourne)
Proudly sponsored by Cindy Fenech – PUNCH Australia.
2. Semi Main Event WBF Masters Australian Title bout 61.9 KGs
Jeff Smith verse Tony Kettlewell
Proudly sponsored by Erle N Kasey Louk FWC
3. WBF 88KG Title – First defence
Peter Shuetrim verse Brian Pearson
Seeking Sponsor. Peta Johnston
4. WBF State Super Heavy weight Masters Title…round robin
Anthony Fowler, Simon Peter Seiuli, Karl Ellaway, Michael Goulden possibly and hopefully Jamie Lyngkuist
Seeking Sponsor.
Special Featured Bout: Female NOVICE Masters 65 KGs
5. Maxine Huisman verse Kristie Clark Peoples
People’s Choice BOUT – Elite Masters – WBF 85 KG strap.
6. Andrew Kingi verse Chris Fox
Seeking Sponsor.
Masters Undercard:
7. Carl Chadwick (Townsville) verse Joe Kalemba (Ipswich)
8. Bevan Connor verse Kev O’Neill
9. Scotty Craig verse Damo McEwen
10. Ingo Schwan verse Paul Covi – Australian Masters Title Eliminator
11. Ron Impey verse Jamie Storey
12. Tony Rose verse Kent Wilkerson
13. Geoff Leeson verse Glenn Richards
15. AL Taylor verse Paul Crampton
16. Hammer Tomsic-Musgrove verse Ahlana Zouplantis 48 KG female.
17. Paul Gay verse Dennis Cumerlato (South Australia) 90 KG Novice.
18, Steve Estaban 55 yrs 82 kgs verse Mark Stephenson 54 yrs ,83kg ,
20. Liam Mcilwee verse
21. Keena Hull verse Julie Pana.
22. Paul Hollinger verse Allan Burt (Non-Title Bout)
….then stand by bouts in case (lol) of withdrawals.
Seeking opponents.
Looking to match Dan Vasquez Vasquez, 43 years, 75kg,18 bouts
Female opponent for Teresa Tuiaki Sinisa Havea, at 85 KGs
Looking to match Robbie Goddard 50 yrs old and 60 KGs.
Looking to Match John Pope 70 KGs 4 fights 28 yrs old
Looking to Match Robbie Hannan 68 Kgs 8 fights 24 yrs old
Looking to Match Luke Bolster 80 Kgs 0 fights 25 yrs old
Looking to Match James Campbell 64 KGs 1f 1 w 14 years old
Tables $1500 includes 2 course meal, 10 absolute front row elevated seats, 5 drinks per person.
Seats $60 …general admission $50.

When: June 10, 2017

Where: Remembrance Room – Caloundra RSL

Time: 6pm

Admission: $50

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