Alexis & Suzie K Duo

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The Alexis and Suzie K duo

Formed when due to both being booked for a solo gig the pair played together for fun, and discovered a magical combination. Suzie Keenan and Alexis Sawford have both been lifelong musicians Suzie Keenan spent her early years on the country circuit, and when she moved the Sunshine Coast her singing quickly got her noticed and she was enlisted in Tony Worsley’s weekly shows at Velvet Waters.

She currently is a much in demand singer, due to her exquisite her vocal tone and uncanny ability to nail any genre has her. She works in band and presented her own cabaret show as well as being the fill of choice for the top local groups.

Alexis Sawford has long history in entertainment and has worked in band and solo all his life. From street singing and cafes, cabaret and cover bands to sell out tribute shows Alexis is both accomplished and recognized for his seasoned vocals and guitar playing skill.

The Alexis and Suzie K duo is a wonderful combination of top class male and female vocals, and spine tingling harmonies set against a backdrop of acoustic guitars. Suzie creates a delicious bed of finger style guitar and a clever rhythm section with her feet on a stomp box and tambourine, While the tasteful lead and slide guitar provided by Alexis completes the sound.

Easy to listen to, and satisfying organic this duo cover music from all eras delivering them with skill and style.

When: April 29, 2020

Where: Live & Free on Main Stage

Time: 11am

Admission: $FREE