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Classic Vinyl

Classic Vinyl

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Classic Vinyl, as the name suggests, takes you back to when vinyl was king!
From The Mac, to The Mentals!
From Creedence, to Coldplay,
From Dlyan, to Divinyls!

Vocally led by the fabulous Mary Anderson, with rhythm section, Murray (Muz) Anderson, and Glen Poulton, topped of with the virtuoso guitar sounds of Danny Cella! They will stretch your memory (not too far back!) and get your feet moving!

Murray Anderson
(drums / vocals)

Muz started playing the drums in bands at aged 14.
He played drums in…
The Echoes, Tracks, Tequila,
The Soulminers.
Bass and Vocalist in….
Woodz & Co, Smackwater Jack, Rumour,
Rumour Duo (with wife, Mary) , in New Zealand and Sunshine Coast since 2008.

Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac,
Phil Collins, Eagles

Mary Anderson
(lead vocal / keyboard)

Mary Joined her first band as a singer at the age of 15.
She has written and released two albums in New Zealand.
She currently teaches singing in Peregian Springs.
Lead vocalist for bands…..
The Cobwebs, Eclipse, Tequila, Woodz and Co.
Vocalist and keyboards for……
Smackwater Jack, The Soulminers,
The Rustlers, Rumour Duo.

Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crowe,
Pretenders, Baby Animals, The Divinyls.

Dan Cella
(lead guitar / vocals)

Danny started playing guitar as a teenager in Brisbane.
He was guitarist for….
Latin Combo (as well as backing overseas singers)
Loose Ends, Thirsty Work

Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd
Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page

Glen Poulton
(bass / vocals)

Glen, from Ipswich, started playing folk music in Brisbane, while at QIT.
He has played bass for…
East Coast Lows, Ghosts of Cloudland
Guitar and bass for….
Darlin and the midnight delights
Tumblegum, Roland and the Echoes

The Beatles, The Shadows
C.C.R., Everley Brothers,
The Hollies, Beach Boys

When: February 23, 2019

Where: Live & Free on Main Stage

Time: 9pm

Admission: $FREE

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