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Harry Nichols Band

Harry Nichols Byron Bay Band Sunshine Coast LIVE FREE Entertainment Music

Harry Nichols Band

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How do we introduce Harry Nichols? It’s quite simple really…Take one hefty ladel full of 90’s icon Michael Bolton and combine with a decent tablespoon serving of American rocker, John Mellencamp. Stir until combined and you have the closest thing you’ll ever get to heaven in recipe. Like the most delicious, melt your face off, cheese and ham toastie you ever ate. And that goes for you vego’s too….

Delectable food analogies aside, local Ballina boy Harry Nichols has enough to grab your attention. Washed up from the beach, curly dark blonde locks that Shakira would die for, a crinkled white button up, and a stratocaster dangling, he’s a man with a smile.

His evolving sound has continued to maintain its addictive pop vibe, but is interjected with enough core blues and guts to keep it cool. On ice. It adamantly, yet pleasantly disorients his audience.

Recently polishing a new, harder, more direct sound, Harry has been working on the completion of his debut, rock n roll, riff-driven E.P.

Stepping into the role as house band for the Friend Zone jam nights, with more guitar, more fuzz, more loving pretty boy smiles, teamed up with heavy riffs and love angst lyrics; it’s a new combination. Forcing the audience to reconsider their notions of pretty boy rock. One thing’s for sure though. We’re hanging on wanting more love and more heartbreak. John Mellancamp would be proud of his lost Australian son.

When: August 10, 2019

Where: Live & Free on Main Stage

Time: 9pm

Admission: $FREE

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