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Nick Reeve is a Tasmanian born, Sunshine Coast dwelling muso who plays as much music outside his day job as time, space and wife will allow. Nick grew up in a very musical family, always with many instruments lying around the house. After the gently forced piano lessons all the kids in the family were (thankfully) subjected to, Nick began playing drums in brass and concert bands, theatre production companies, cover bands and church. Then a passion for guitar took over when Nick started writing songs from about age fifteen. A string of pub bands followed before Nick’s primary (and current) original rock project, was born in 2004.
Nick fronts Brisbane based original rock band, Hammerhead; has an acapella rock project under the name, Sinners’ Circle; released his debut Christian rock album in 2014, previously fronted ACDC tribute band Heatseeker, and plays some acoustic solo covers gigs around the traps to feed the other projects & make sure the family doesn’t go hungry!
Nick has chosen a setlist of music to cover from across the past few decades that people love to hear, and has recorded bass guitar & occasional vocal and guitar tracks as backing to give the show a bit more ‘oomph’ than an acoustic guitar can do alone. Nick has an extremely versatile voice with a large range to do justice to a broad scope of male and female artists and also kicks along on a home made stomp board in lieu of inviting a drummer along. It’s a high energy, full body workout in an awesomely unique acoustic solo cover show with class. Nick is very engaging with audiences and naturally sets out to make sure everyone is having a good time.

When: March 16, 2019

Where: Main Stage Live and Free

Time: 5.30pm

Admission: $FREE