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No Standing

No Standing

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Brisbane Cover Band No Standing is fast becoming Brisbane’s most in-demand covers band. With an outrageous and energetic stage show, scorching guitars, searing vocals, enormous bass lines, and a drummer that hits harder than a Mack truck, crowds from the border to Cape York are flocking to see a musical event of epic proportions.

Harking back to an era where bands not only played music but knew how to entertain a crowd, No Standing is not content to have people leave a venue thinking they have seen and heard a great rock band; we want to change their lives…forever!

Born with a guitar pick and a pair of sunglasses in his hand, lead vocalist Craig has a voice that reaches for the heavens one minute, and will make you cry with its soul the next. Complimenting the sound with his smooth rhythm guitar playing, Craig is the perfect front man, keeping the crowd involved until the last note.

If you thought guitar hero was just a game, then you ain’t heard nothing until you hear Tim at full throttle. Influenced by some of the best of all time, Tim has an incredible feel about his playing, yet can crank out full, heavy power chords with the best of them.

Keeping the rock’n roll train chugging with a tight bottom end, and the occasional foray into the keyboards, Phil is the loose cannon of the band. Moving around the stage like a caged lion, you never know just exactly where Phil is going to turn up, perhaps stage left, maybe stage right, or even down in the crowd, joining in the madness.

When: May 31, 2019

Where: Live & Free on Main Stage

Time: 9pm

Admission: $FREE

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