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The Vibe

The Vibe

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The VIBE features some of Australia’s finest musicians…. Benjy Pocock and Soni Pocock.

With a tireless work ethic that see’s the VIBE perform more than 200 shows each year, Australia wide, they have carved an undoubted reputation as one of the most talented and hardworking bands currently on the Australian music scene.

This commitment to quality musicianship and live performance has seen the VIBE nurture and build a diverse and loyal support base right across the country.

Individually the members of the VIBE have experience, ability and musical knowledge far beyond their years, and coming together they create a musical experience rarely witnessed in a young band.

With the release of their debut album Walkaway, the VIBE have taken a quantum leap into the world of original music and if initial response to their debut effort is any indication, the VIBE have arrived.

The VIBE are widely regarded as one of this country’s most entertaining and talented original music outfits.

When: August 13, 2019

Where: Live & Free on Main Stage

Time: 11am

Admission: $FREE

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