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In April 2012 TOMMY MEMPHIS left Australia to go to Ibiza Spain where he had secured a six month contract to work in the island resort.

With no shortage of work available in NSW & Queensland, and bookers wanting more dates in just about every major club , resort or venue in all of northern NSW and south east Queensland , this seemed like a strange decision. Tour promoters and venue operators were also stunned when he turned his back on several tour offers following his hugely successful “Oh What A Night Tour” in 2011. Why leave all that work behind for a semi “holiday“ in Europe.

Tommy however had other ideas. After an exhausting 2010 /2011 where he completed a mammoth 300 odd shows , Tommy needed break to revitalise himself , write new material and learn new songs and this provided the ideal opportunity to do that. So he packed up the family and they all moved to Ibiza ,Spain. In that time, he set about doing all of the above, getting fit and returned to Australia on October 17th & set foot on Australian soil with a new lease on life.



Tommy also shows his singer song writer side with his debut album due to released in 2013. His high energy show and eclectic taste in music means he has something for everyone. His brand of entertainment is unique and with an arsenal of catchy originals up his sleeve and all the classic hits, he is ready to shake things up Down Under. Tommy’s off the cuff style also ensures every show is different, you never get the same show twice. If you like Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Monty Python and a few laughs you’re going to love Tommy Memphis!

His shows & performances have entertained thousands.
Tommy lives and works from the Gold Coast and started out Busking in Cavill
Mall . He was spotted by agent and promoter John Logan who was on
holidays at the time who knew he was destined for the Club & event circuit.
He had just started his show & was working one Saturday and as they
say……… the rest is history .

He’s a little bit Rock
He’s a little bit Country
Crooner, Blues and sometimes Funky,
If you love to Laugh and be Entertained
Climb aboard the T-Train.

“One of the greatest all round entertainers I’ve ever seen……”
Tony Mcguinness- Aslan

He’s literally “the wonder from down under” IBIZA SUN.

When: March 18, 2020

Where: Main Stage

Time: 11am

Admission: $FREE