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December 17, 2022 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Shaping Up To Be One Of The BIGGEST NIGHTS OF 2022
Crankin’ up the jams and feelin’ those 80’s vibes!

BOOMBOX performs each song with the utmost accuracy, recreating the same synths and sounds as heard on the original records. electric guitar for those big hair rock songs and fronted by two vocalists with energy bigger than a live aid concert at Wembley. Not to mention a little bit of fun humour to set the tone of the crazy iconic 80s look and sounds in all its splendour!

The ’80s was a time when there were so many classic songs that really defined the decade. We wanted to do as many of these songs as possible, so we crafted each performance set to be one entire mash-up of the best songs, best parts and best grooves seamlessly combined into one never-ending piece that will keep your event pumped up and on the dance floors with song after song that’ll you’ll be singing along to and moving your feet to and as Lionell Richie said it “ all night long”. performed live with synchronised lighting and video to create the perfect 80’s infused show.

As to the group BOOMBOX? Well, with decades of performance experience among the group members at venues across the globe including nightclubs, live concert halls, stadiums and festivals, the members of BOOMBOX have performed more times than you shake a glow stick at! And bring true professionalism to your event.