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Eighties Recall

April 20 @ 9:00 pm - 11:55 pm

Eighties Recall

Eighties Recall is a Sunshine Coast based Party Band.

Chris Reynolds (Vocals) Donovan Alex (Lead Guitar), David Shirtliff (Lead Guitar), Brian Grose (Bass), and Robbie Penman (Drums/Vocals) bring to life beloved songs from the 80’s Era overlooked by most of the retrospective bands out there today.

“Eighties Recall” tackle songs that weren’t necessarily #1 hits, but can in no way be referred to as obscure or underground tracks. Multi-platinum selling artists like INXS, Icehouse, Australian Crawl and Mondo Rock

…the groups that have transcended their genre to become the most enduring acts of their time are all well represented in a “Eighties Recall” set list.

“Pretty much anyone who is into music or who has subsequently developed a taste for the 80’s era  will recognize most of our set”

“People have been pleasantly surprised at our shows because we are doing fun, upbeat songs they have NEVER heard a cover band perform before. We are approaching the songs with an attention to detail that I can definitely say is unique to “Eighties Recall”

“It’s what sets us apart from the rest.”

“A lot of thought has gone into creating a very balanced set. Just when you need it, we hit you with INXS, Icehouse, or The Angels, so keep your air guitars handy.”

2023 is looking set to further the objective of expansion.

Eighties Recall want to take you on a trip back.

Get loose and Dance like no-ones watching, Dance in the dark, Dance into the night…

Whichever was YOUR dance back in the day, be prepared to dance it once again.