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Garry Hudson

March 15 @ 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Our Shout,  Garry Hudson will be joining us to rock on. 
Having the opportunity to share the stage with some great musicians over the years has taught
me to appreciate different talents, instruments and styles of music. I definitely have a passion
for classic rock and big ballads that tell a story.
I learned one thing from Aussie rock legend Ted Mulry years ago – don’t let your ego get
bigger than your talent. I like to think that one lesson has been the thing that has kept me in
the game for so long. With that in mind I have always tried to tackle the songs I can do best
and not take on things that won’t work for my voice.
At every gig I aim to target songs best suited to my audience and have a wide repertoire
which sees me through most situations, the audience will generally know most of the
While I am strongly influenced by artists like The Eagles, Phil Collins. Eric Clapton, The
Beatles, Garth Brooks, I don’t forget that my audience may have other favourite genres, rock
and roll or country.
To everyone who continues to support me and to all those who have helped create my “life of
music” you are all very much appreciated.