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M8 Mewsic

March 22 @ 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

M8 Mewsic

There are several things you can count on in life. One of them being change. M8 Mewsic or Emmet, until recently has been a solo performer travelling across this vast continent of ours – Australia – doing thousands of shows. Relentlessly touring and loving every minute of it! At this time the travel has been contained within the boundaries of Western Australia, however that has not stopped the intensity and motivation to travel to every corner of this Great state!

Emmet has now been joined by Kellie on most tours and shows and at times other musicians for certain performances as required.

Kellie’s female vocals and percussion along with Emmet’s guitar playing and male vocals. Kellie has come from a background of Hospitality Management and the past few years has swapped out that role for a music management career and now also a successful performer. 


Emmet believes in spreading the good vibes at shows. Emmet is an experienced and adept performer and musician who works to create feel-good performances that make crowds want to get up & dance, sing and walk away with a positive experience. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the way he makes crowds feel. It’s relatively easy to pick up an instrument and call yourself an artist. It’s much harder to embody, imbue and convey to audiences a fantastic, positive and uplifting energy that everyone is consumed by with M8 Mewsic.

Living, breathing music and the lifestyle that a constant touring national musical act embraces, brings out the free spirits in any person lucky enough to experience travel and doing what you love. For M8 Mewsic touring is more than a job. This lifestyle encompasses all of the music that he plays. Blues, roots, soul, rock and funk-inspired, always creating melody-rich tunes highlighting guitar and great beats. The music is also inspired by the chilled laidback vibe of Australia.

The music is uplifting and based on everyday events. Moments in life to which everyone can relate. Many artists inspire M8 Mewsic, from diverse musical genres that create the M8 Mewsic sound.