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The Smokin’ Crawdads

May 7 @ 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Winners of the Queensland Country Music Awards 2010 Group of the Year,
and featuring a line up that begs to be seen, The Smokin’ Crawdad’s have
come of age!
This is a stellar group of musicians, all of whom have paid their dues, and
then some over the past decade (or two) and are now doing what they do best
– playing music “Crawdads style”….
The depth of talent and experience is on show at each and every Crawdad’s
performance, with an amazing collection of songs, and a style that is fast
becoming recognized as their own.

Leaving nothing to chance, the Crawdads will cover everything from
Rock’n Roll through to Memphis Swamp Blues
– and do it all with impeccable style….

What are you waiting for??

Isn’t it time you caught a Crawdads gig??

Smokin’ by name and smokin’ by nature.

Put on your boots and grab your hat, it’s time to party!

The Smokin’ Crawdads can kick any crowd into party mode with their good time, pumped up repertoire. The Smokin’ Crawdads have a bulked up, full-tilt, high-octane, revved up honky tonk country sound whether working as a trio, quartet or bigger.

Currently writing songs for their debut album, The Smokin’ Crawdads are an exciting rocking band that exudes energy.

From gutbucket blues through to Memphis-soaked swamp rock, when you catch a Crawdads gig be prepared for a night of crazy capers. These Crawdudes are known for their professional attitude and excellent showmanship.

Catch ’em live!