Memorial Gardens


Nestled behind the Sunny Coast Memorial Sport and Rec. Club is the Caloundra RSL Memorial Gardens. The Memorial Gardens are being landscaped to become a lush retreat for the community.

It is also the landing spot of a very special piece of war memorabilia. The A2-1022 helicopter was dedicated to the Caloundra RSL Memorial gardens on the 16th of March 2012 with a grand celebration.

A small band of eleven dedicated members of the Caloundra RSL Sub Branch set about the task of restoration – receiving regular advice from Rob Gee of the Canberra War Museum.

Their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated –

  • Bob McInnes
  • Max Baxter
  • Ian Newham
  • Peter Moore
  • Bill Wiggett
  • Kerry Millard
  • John Dunn
  • Roy Robinson
  • Ingo Meier
  • Darryl Turner
  • Quentin McCutcheon