Important things to know before coming to the Festival

JUN19 - Sunshine Rock & Blues Festival - HEADER LINES 3 RE700


ONLY LINE UP ONCE! - You need to exchange your tickets for a wristband or lanyard to get into the Function Room. If you've bought a two or three day pass remember to bring all your tickets with you on the first night and we'll exchange them for a single lanyard that will get you into all the events you've paid for.


To help patrons have the best time they can at Sunshine Rock & Blues Festival 2019, here are some important things you need to know:


1. ENTRY REGULATIONS - You must be a member of our club, a guest of a member, a member of a reciprocal club or a visitor who lives more than 15km away to gain entry to the club. Non-members are welcome to join at Reception. Dress regulations apply, so make sure you arrive in clean and tidy attire, no footy jumpers, work clothes, ugg boots, etc. No hats are allowed at any time and no thongs after 7.00pm. Anyone not meeting dress regulations won't be allowed in so make sure you're dressed appropriately, if you have any questions call the Club on 5438 5800.


2. CLUB ENTRY AFTER 10PM - It's Queensland law that anyone entering or re-entering the Club after 10pm must scan in with photographic identification. NO PHOTO ID - NO ENTRY. We can't stress this enough - REMEMBER YOUR ID!


3. MEMBERSHIP - It only takes a few minutes to join, simply complete our membership form and provide your photographic identification. Members receive great discounts on all food and beverage purchases and Festival Membership until 31st December is just $3.00


4. BAGS - Large bags and backpacks are not allowed into the Club. Only small bags will be allowed in, anything else will need to be checked into the cloakroom at Reception - better still, leave them at home. Here's some things you can't bring in with you - your own alcohol or food, illegal drugs and chairs.


5. TICKET EXCHANGE - All tickets for our paid shows must be exchanged for a wristband or lanyard to get you in and out of the Function Room. Please make sure you arrive in plenty of time to get your wristband or lanyard before the show. **There are strictly no refunds or replacements on tickets or wristbands/lanyards. Believe me we've heard all the excuses but if you leave your ticket at home, lose it or forget it we can't replace it. Once your wristband/lanyard has been issued we can't replace that either.


6. UNDER 18's -  Under 18's are only allowed in the Club when accompanied by a parent or responsible adult and must remain with them at all times, unless they are going to our fully supervised Kids Club. Under 18's are not allowed in any paid events in the Function Room, the bars or the gaming area. Everyone aged under 18 must be off the premises by 11pm.


7. COSMIC CAVE KIDS CLUB - We've got a great Kids Club and we'll look after as many of your children as possible however at times we reach full capacity and just can't fit any more in. If you're attending a Function Room show, remember that children must be collected from the Kids Club and be off the premises by 11pm. To avoid disappointment consider making other child minding arrangements for the Festival weekend. 


8. PARKING - We have plenty of parking available at the Club, some is undercover and the surrounding side streets also have plenty of parking spaces. Please be mindful of our neighbours and don't park on footpaths, in driveways or bloc anyone's access. Please don't park in the hospital carpark!